Leased Lines in Derby & Nottingham

We are now providing Leased Lines to our customers.

Great for businesses with enormous internet consumption, Leased Lines are basically the ultimate in internet connectivity.

You do not share the connection with any other local businesses, it is dedicated to you alone.

Approx Installation Length: 90 days

This is a new technology which is still growing. Therefore while there is already a main network that runs the length of the country, to run this product to your personal premises will likely involve laying new infrastructure in the ground, to connect you to the main body.

Fully managed means that the Router is included, pre-programmed and ready to accept the Leased Line & the Back up.

Some organisations’ heavy reliance on the internet means that an outage could be very detrimental. Some decide to effectively double-up on Leased Lines, having 2 installed. This means the likelihood of both going down is very low, as they will each run over a different infrastructure.
Alternatively, rather than 2 Leased Lines, a company could ask for 2 back up lines. Therefore, the Leased Line, the Fibre and the ADSL would all have to fail before they are left with no internet access. As you can imagine this is also much less likely than just one connection going down.

So if you’re business in the Derby and Nottingham area looking and want more information on how a leased telephone line can help your business please call us on 01332 799716 for further details

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