working from home telephone systems

A phone at home, connected to the office.

If you need to work from home, you can with the new BluuSky Home-Working package.

The phone is simply connected to the router at the home, and away you go. Many of our customers are finding the flexibility of this ‘cloud’ ‘VOIP’ technology incredibly useful.

When your customers ring up, your home workers can take the call. They can then transfer calls to each other as they would in the office, eliminating the need for your customers to ring a different number, or ring someone’s mobile.

You can even mix & match, having some of your team at home and some at the office if necessary. They will still all be able to take the incoming calls, and transfer them. They will operate as one team.

Adding another phone to your system requires one call to BluuSky. The phone arrives, you plug it in, and you’re ready to work from home. People still call the same number to contact you, your extension numbers are all still the same, and the features are unaffected by the move.

Prices from as little as £15+vat/Month (using own Broadband)

£59+vat/Month Includes Broadband & VOIP Connection

Whatever your telecom requirements,

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